Tutorial for Air-Make

What's Air-Make?

Air-Make is the first course of 1080 Avalanche's Trick Atack Mode. It's in NGC Stunt Zone, the height is 402m, the snow depth is 0.7m, the weather is fine. It is the lowest course in all of 1080A courses.

You can make the largest jump in 1080A, and most spins, combo in a jump if you ignore grind.

The snow performance is compacted snow all over the course. It's easy to run, to be high speed. The inclination of run-up section is steep, so you can be 130km/h before jumping if you are on one of 4th boards.


Points of a jump is combo(if combo is 0, 1 time)*(sum of points of spins, flips, grabs, grinds). Spins' point is 200 per half spin. Flips' points are 750 per flip. Grabs' points are 200 per grab with stick control, 100 per grab without stick control. Grinds' points are nearly proportion to time of grind. There are no structure to make grind in Air-Make course.

If you hold button on after getting the score, you can get additional points on the way. But this is not useful. I call this technique "nagaoshi." You can continue combo nagaoshi to not-nagaoshi but you can't to nagaoshi. Watch next video, the combo continue Crail to Lien Air but not to Rocket.

YouTube - 1080 Avalanche - combalability of long grab trick

If you use same grab without interval of 2 or more grabs, points of a grab will be lessen. This effect will occur over some jumps. I call this effect "SGA."

Points like the above-mentioned enter into the provisional score, and if you succeed to land, the score will be into the real score. Goodness of landing is not related with score, so land with L trigger is unecessary if you can land without it. If you goal after get real score, you will get final score. You can't fail to goal by too damaged but can by quit or limit time being over.

In the other courses, you can get score whenever you jump, but in Air-Make, the condition to get score is little confusing. You can get provisional score when it matched with Condition 1 until it matched with both Condition 1 and 2. If you make trick without matching Condition 1, you won't get score but SGA will occur.

  1. Takeoff from where under than black letter belt of "WHISTLER BLACKCOMB" and make a trick.
  2. Run on under the kicker which is not right under the kicker nor on the fence in front of the goal.

Indeed, it's best to make a high jump with high speed, before make tricks if you want to get high score.

Besides, you are on rocket board , takeoff from start and land on the kicker after make a trick, you will find you got a provisional score but real score is 0. Of course, this is not useful.

YouTube - 1080 Avalanche - 0 point trick


When you continueing combo and making spins or frips, the time flows slowly. You can think that you can be in the air longer.

In the first stage of flips, combo will not count even if you make a new grab, and continue combo even if you make a same grab in a jump.

Grabs of "left-up+Y", "up+Y" and "right-up+Y" have same name Crail, but these grabs are not same grabs, not an object of SGA. It's similar for B,X or down grabs. By this, you can make 24 combos without grabs of 100 points. You will be able to make 17 grabs in a jump, so you should make only grabs of 200 points.

For progress 1

The most important thing in Air-Make is to get a big combo by making grabs rappidly.

You should use 8-bit soul, which is the best board in trick attack. If you are on this board, you can make 7 flips and land without L trigger.

I don't recommend to use Frosty Winterball. This character is too tricky.

I think the performance is not different from regular, so you can use goofy or fakie if you like.

Master the timing of making grabs, by playing like next video.

YouTube - 1080 Avalanche Trick Atack: Air-Make 136,800pts

You don't have to consider how to start, if you are in this step. You don't have to do which direction of flips is better.

When you get 7FL+16G15C(126750pts), you master this step.

For progress 2

Then, consider how to start and how to jump.

To tell the truth, I don't know how you should start. I think to start like time attack mode, and to jump just started is good, but I don't know this is true or not.

You should take off from the end of kicker. You should hold off L trigger when you jump, too.

If you get 7FL+16G15C(126750pts) using Conquest, you master this step.

Direction of flips

I said you don't have to consider which is better, but you should do if you are on this stage.

The inclination of take off point is different from that of land point.

You should consider it when you can't rotate right multiple of 360 degree. You can control flip times by releasing R trigger, but it is hard to continue combo with releasing R, so you shouldn't to use this technique if you can land without using this.

You can land by pulling L trigger at landing if board is far from parallel to snow, but that's not you can land board is any direction. I think you can land using L trigger if a bit of board is touched to snow.

When rotation angle is defined as 360n + x, you should use front flip if x is in [0, 180], and you should use back flip if x is in [180, 360]. I think you can understand easily.

For example, I use front flip when I use 8-bit soul and use back flip when I use Cold front.


I don't deal with spin trick yet, because the score is higher when using flips. And you have to rotate control stick to spin quickly, but this operation is an obstacle to making combo.

But I find spin trick can be useful. When you use 8-bit soul, you can't flip 8 times, but you can 900+7FL! If you can make combo with 900+7FL, you can get so high score, but I can't do yet. Spin+7FL is so hard.

Funny boards

Then I say about using funny boards at Air-Make as appendix. I can do 7FL+16G15C using any funny boards. If you want to do, you must jump with fakie. You can make higher jump and higher speed flips when you jump with fakie using funny boards.

Author: KAZOON
Last update: 31 July 2007