1080A Gate Challenge Time-Score Converter


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How to use

Select the course.
Minutes, seconds, centi seconds.
to Score
This converter calculate the score by Time and Passed Gates number. If the limit time is minus, the score space will change to "Retire."
Passed Gates
Enter the passed gates number. Zone 1 is from start to first check point. Zone 2 is from first to second check point. Zone 3 is from second check point to goal. When you select a course, these spaces will be filled with max number. If you miss the first check point, uncheck the check box of Check Point 1. Second is Check Point 2.
Reset all spaces.
Gate, Perfect, Time Bonus, Tortal
Breakdown of score.
to Time
This calculate time by Tortal and Passed Gates.


Author: KAZOON
Last update: 7 February 2007