Explanation of colours

The colours of values in table in Kaleidoscope, means what this page explain.

I don't classify by orders but by values.

The colours are

For example, imagine the maximum value is 200 and minimum is 100. If the value is 100, the colour will be bluegreen. The value is higher than 100 and lower than 120, the colour is blue. The value is 120 or higher than 120 and lower than 140, the colur is dark blue. 140 or highr than 140 and lower than 160, black. 160-180, dark red. 180-200, red. And the value is 200, the colour will be gold.

"1." in board-data table is exception. In this column, the lower a value is, the better the performance is. So the classes are upside down.

In the rank of costom parts, A is red, B is dark red, C is black, D is dark blue, and E is blue.


Author: KAZOON
Last update: 4 February 2007