Legend of the booster-performance table

1st row
Table headers.
2nd-26th row
Values of performances of machine constructed with each booster.
27th row
1st column(R)
Rank of boosters(E-A).
2nd column(W)
Weight of boosters.
3rd column(Name)
Name of boosters.
4th column(A)
When the machine reach the first dash plate on MCSO, the speed of it is these value. The unit is km/h.
5th column(A/M)
Percentage of A(3rd column)/M(9th column).
6th column(Ad)
When the effect of the first dash plate on MCSO runs out, the speed of machines are these values. The unit is km/h.
7th column(Ad/M)
Percentage of Ad/M.
8th column(Ad/A)
Percentage of Ad/A.
9th column(M)
Max speed of machine without anything but accelerator. The unit is km/h.
10th column(DP)
Max speed of machine with a dash plate. The unit is km/h.
11th column(DP/M)
Percentage of DP/M.
12th column(B)
Max speed of machine with a booster. The unit is km/h.
13th column(B/M)
Percentage of B/M.
14th column(BL)
Max speed(not strict) of machines without anything but accelerator and boosters. The unit is km/h.
15th column(DB)
Max speed(not strict) of machines without anything but accelerator, boosters and dash plates. The unit is km/h.
16th column(M/W)
Percentage of M/(the weights of the machines(W+1320)).
17th column(BL/W)
Percentage of BL/(the weights of the machines(W+1320)).
18th column(B/DP)
Percentage of B/DP.

If you would like to know meanings of colours of values, please refer Explanation of colours.


Last update:4 February 2007